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November 21st of 2004, my heart stopped during a routine operation at the hospital. I am allergic to most anesthesia’s and pain medications so I opted to be awake during this procedure. I was talking with the staff, I was in severe pain and the last thing I heard was, “Erin hang in there just a couple more…..….we’re losing her” then_______. During this NDE, the Lord took me to the base of a mountain and told me that I was going to go through one of the darkest seasons in my life – and I did for seven years.


After this first event, for some reason this heart issue began to worsen; sometimes I would pass out not knowing what was happening and wake up in strange positions on the floor or hunched over with my body flopped forward. During these episodes that were “non-registered events”, I would have visits to the Golden City. Doctors had no idea what was going on but, they diagnosed my condition as “Broken Heart Syndrome”. Essentially, when I would feel pain of any kind, emotional or physical, I would hear the sound of a locomotive going from one ear to the next, I would begin to sweat, my heart would slow to a stop….and then I would visit Heaven.

On Good Friday 2008, I died during a meeting at work in front of clients, an architect and my co-workers. In this NDE, A deer took me up some cliffs to show me my sword room in Heaven and an Angel of the Lord told me that I mattered to God. I can barely type this, because it was so vivid and now with everything I have seen of the Heavenly battles I am overwhelmed and so humbled by these swords. Shortly after this “registered event”, I received a diagnosis. I had an unusual heart Arrhythmia and had no choice but to get a pacemaker or risk death.

After these NDE’s –I had others but, because they weren’t “registered events” I have called them visions. During these, I saw Heaven.

When I had surgery, I didn’t have the visits anymore. I went through a desert period where I didn’t hear from the Lord for two years. Then just a year ago, He began to speak again after I petitioned on my knees every day. I reminded Him of the promises He gave me and I wasn’t going to let up on Him until I He granted them. Well, I think I wore Him out…..I remember Him chuckling about this in one of my dreams. He finally began to work supernaturally in my life again!

This is how the Lord grants me these dreams:

When these first started a few months ago, I was hesitant. I would avoid them. This is why in the first few, they were not as detailed. I was not allowing the Holy Spirit to direct the dreams.

This is what I experience when I am granted more of Him:

I have the dream at night. I wake up take communion, pray. When I sit to write the dream in my journal, He gives me an open vision of the dream so clear that I can turn 360 degrees, and then I write as I relive the dream. If I begin to write something different than the Holy Spirit is requesting, the vision goes immediately and I stop writing….going blank. Then I pray, stop, and He begins to download again.

I was told that this is how scripture was given via the Holy Spirit centuries ago. I imagine this is how many others have experienced these events also throughout History.

This is wonderful because I am given a 3-fold check to everything and the detail is so incredible and God inspired!!



3-Holy Spirit Writes or Witnesses.

Me —just a reporter.

I hope this explanation will shed light on the details of the dreams. As I experience these, I actually learn from the Lord as I go, in 3-D –live! The downside of the dreams is, I experience the dark events in 3-D –live! Every few months, I get a registered print-out of my Heart events from my pacemaker. They register like a seismograph. I have about 30 events per day on record. I am curious to see if the events I am experiencing in Heaven are registered in my pacemaker event log….I will keep you posted except I am praying that we will be Home soon and I won’t need to get the event log!!

Love and Blessings………..Sparrow!

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Heaven Dreams – June 30 thru July 14 2013

Part 1


Dear Father,

Thank You! Thank You! For taking the time to love me and care for me! You guard my heart and remind me when my vessel is weak or I have a chink in my armor before going into battle. Lord, I am so grateful for every moment You spend with me. I never know each day what You might have for me. Your instruction is what I long for. Your confirmation of Your happiness with me is always what I strive for. I know there is nothing I can do on my own strength to capture Your heart. The only thing I know to do is to keep a right heart in me. Sometimes it means brokenness, sometimes repentance, sometimes grief, but I always know that this is the very “clay” that You, the Potter, request.

So Father, I dedicate my day to You fully! My love, my devotionals, my worship, my children, myself and my daily chores! I will choose to live in this moment and be present with You today! I love you!

Erin, Come up here!

I see Jesus near the tree. I run to Him! I’m excited today to see more of Heaven. I’m about 25 years old. He reaches His arms out to receive me. He gives me the longest hug.

Me: “I’m so glad to be here right now in this moment!”

Jesus: “I’m glad you’ve come to see Me! Erin, you just said something, do you know what that is?”

Me: “About being glad to be here?”

Jesus: “No, about being here in this moment, tell me more about this.”

Me: “It was nothing; let’s start the tour of Heaven!”

Jesus: “No, sit first!” (I sat down at the base of the tree. I was a bit disappointed in myself. I said something that caused another lesson – I looked up and He was grabbing fruit – oh no, I thought – I need to repent of something.)

Jesus: “Wow, listen to those thoughts in your head! Yes, you are correct – I might need to have you repent. Let’s talk about this. For one moment there you were disappointed because things weren’t happening the way you expected, correct? You are excited about Heaven, this is good but more importantly, who is steering the boat here?”

Me: “Lord, forgive me. I want so badly to see more; I am like a little child. If you had me come up as a child today, I’m sure I would be more compliant, Right?”

Jesus: “Yes, this is correct, but I had you come up at this age for a reason. See, a child lives in the moment, directly in a moment. The older a child becomes the more anxious, fretting about yesterday, about tomorrow. Now as an adult, all you worry about is tomorrow as the past is the driving force shaping you! Do you understand?”

Me: “Yes, Lord. But can I say, when I was 8 and even younger I always worried. I’m not sure if I remember living in the moment.”

Jesus: “Yes, you were thrust into adult situations and had no understanding of child-like wonder and peace. I’m sorry for this, Erin. There are many just like you all over the world who had to set childhood aside and wrestle life as adults would. The difference is, a child is helpless, and there is no control.”

Me: “Lord, when I come to You here, I am full of wonder. I am excited like a child and I can barely contain my joy over You and Heaven. Forgive me.”

Jesus: “Yes of course!” (He was laughing, He sat next to me, handed me a piece of fruit and He took a bite of His.)

Me: “I have spent my whole life in shock over yesterday, fearing today, and dreading tomorrow. You have taught me that the events in my life have brought me to this moment and there are some days that I wish I had blocks of time back as a re-do, like my 30s or 40s, but I know I can never go back. If it weren’t for my childhood or my teens and 20s, I would never be here with you now. So I will not trade it!”

Jesus: “Well, this is commendable. But this is not how you feel. I don’t believe you!”

Me: “What? (I paused for a moment to understand His rebuke. I was trying to understand what I said that would make me false.)

Jesus: “Erin, you want to say something to Me and you’re holding this against Me. You are offended, come clean!” (His face was calm and loving. Here I was talking to someone: Jesus who knows me better than I know myself. I had better come clean or I won’t be seeing Heaven today, or should I say, more of Heaven.) “Erin, there is no sense of time here. I have all earthly day and more. We will just sit here!” He was laughing and very certain. I was chuckling and shaking my head. I paused and thought quietly.

Me: “Lord, if I say this to You, You won’t call in fire and burn me up or split the ground and send me to the pit, right?”

Jesus: “Erin, if that were My plan, why would I even waste time discussing this, if you were destined for this? Seriously? (I am seeing Him treating me as my best friend would, that’s what He’s doing. This is amazing really.) “Erin, I can hear your thoughts. “ (He was laughing; I began to laugh so hard. I had taken a bite of fruit and it began to squirt out, this made Him laugh too.)

Me: “Lord, this is how I feel. I covet the lives of other Christians. Especially when I see married couples that love each other. I know things aren’t always perfect, but I wanted to have this here. I believe You could’ve put me in a better home. You could’ve given me a good childhood where I could dream at night in safety, and wake up each day in wonder. You could’ve given me loving Christian parents. Like I wanted a father, I wanted a Dad! Not a half Dad but a real Dad! You could have raised me to make normal mistakes and in high school and college. You could’ve prospered all of my hard work. Lord, I worked hard my whole life! I put my all into everything I did. I could’ve always been like this, too. I always searched for You. You could’ve granted me the love of a good Christian husband in school and we could have had a normal and “whole” life together. At times, I know things would’ve been difficult, but You would be there in this. Then You could’ve still honored me with Your presence. You could’ve still spoken to me like this. I could still have joy and happiness. Couldn’t I have still found You here? Was all of this necessary? Am I that bad, that bad that I needed all of this punishment? Lord, I’m alone here. I know you have not released me for marriage here now. I know this and I’m at peace with this, but it still is difficult. It’s hard to live in the moment here. I worry more than most. I make mistakes yesterday that directly affect me now and have future ramifications. I have no one to lift this burden or help me carry it. I have no encourager. So today Lord, forgive me, I think to myself why? You could turn water into wine, You even walk on this yet You couldn’t have made me have things a bit easier?” (I just sounded off on Jesus, I don’t think I had ever done this before and now I can’t take it back, I began to cry.)

Jesus: “Erin, finally the last wall just came down, stand up!” I was shaking. I sat the fruit down and stood up. He reached over and held me! “You don’t understand everything right now and you won’t until you come Home. Do you know I have been with you your whole life? Do you know that all of this was part of a greater Divine Plan? I know this has been difficult and I understand what the enemy has robbed you of. I understand the pain. I understand your isolation but do you know what? I gave you dreams. I revealed Myself to you. As you have allowed, I have blessed you. I haven’t allowed you to fall. I know the plans for you in advance. Today you stand here in communion with Me. We are in Heaven. You are present in this moment yet, not physically here. Can you trust Me to tell you or can you open your ears long enough to have knowledge of what I am to say? Can you receive this?”

Erin: “Yes Lord.”

Jesus: “The footprint of your life just as it is today matters. The pain, the disappointments, the trials, the triumphs and your race has a purpose. This was uniquely sewn together for a divine purpose. You won’t understand fully of your impact until you come Home. You are used to believing the bad things you hear, the memories of past pain and you have every reason to believe that tomorrow will be filled with more of the same trouble. You have conditioned yourself for difficulty. Erin, did it ever occur to you that knowledge of pain and your ability to understand how people process this will be of great value or serve a great purpose in the times to come? Would a sinner listen to a pure saint and have understanding? Or as a witness isn’t it more of a miracle to see someone who once had no legs to now stand and walk? People have seen your change, some will run but they will see this miracle. A sinner needs to hear from someone who ran the same race and was able to finish strong. Understand? I know that your life could’ve been made easier and there are many like you who would like to ask Me why, too! So should the clay be asking the Potter why?” (He began to laugh.) “I’m not making light of you but letting you know that all will be clear some day. All questions will be answered. All will be restored!”

“You will be made complete here. Do you know that I have such amazing things for you here? You have seen only a fraction of what awaits you. When you discover this, you will be in awe and in praise and worship! Others who have seen some of these mysteries are excited about coming Home too. Some reside here now and constantly praise God! So please take heart, take courage, and continue on your path. You are so close to finishing.”

Erin: “Thank you Lord, for not burning me up.”

Jesus: “How can I call you friend if I cannot be here as your friend? Will you allow me to be your friend?”

Erin: “Yes Lord, it isn’t easy because I see you also as God. You have been my Father, you have also been my Husband when it comes to finances and my children.”

Jesus: “A husband is also to be a friend to his bride and a leader to his household. This is by God’s design! Everything on Earth is a parable or pattern by Heavenly example! All good things originated here. The fall of men began in the Garden, but the original plan from the Garden – before the fall – is by Heavenly example, and is what you see here. This is a good land. Is it not?” (He turned and I looked over this incredible landscape of Heaven and I was so ready to step in and enjoy this Promised Land.)

Me: “Lord, You have prepared an amazing place here and I can hardly wait!”

Jesus: “Erin, this is just the beginning. Come with Me!” (He took my hand as I trailed slightly behind Him.) He walked me down past the beautiful vineyards on our right, to a viewing point over a cliff looking out across the beautiful Valley of Blessings: Beracah. I literally lost my breath. Over in the distance and off to the Northeast was the amazing Golden City.

Me: “Lord, are You taking me there today?”


(Note: these dreams are continued each day. On July 7th Erin has this prayer)

Dear Father,

Thank You. Thank You for another day! You are the air I breathe and Creator of all of me! I pray that I can honor You in all that I do!

Jesus: “This is for another day, but you have already seen some of the City. Today I’m going to show you some of the Promised Land. Now, look over there.”

I looked down and over to a spot in the River with waterfalls. “Come!” He squeezed my right hand slightly and we were immediately there. In front of me was a beautiful area, a pool of water being fed by waterfalls. The River of Life was feeding it. It reminded me of when the Bible speaks of refreshing pools. In nature on Earth, even when seeing a sight like this, there is always a flaw or a hidden danger of some sort, but Here – perfection. It wasn’t necessarily tropical, but the water was clear crystal of blue and green. Again, like Canadian glaciated water, but not as cold.

The sounds of the water and the surrounding plants and flowers make music. It is like praise and worship. The rocks around the pool were amazing cut, colorful stone which is naturally polished with a beautiful patina. It’s literally like polished cuts of marble and granite in beautiful colors that make up the area surrounding the pools. Unlike many descriptions I have read of Heaven, I could finally understand this; others depict Heaven as consisting of cut brilliant precious gemstones everywhere, so I always imagined something I couldn’t understand. This, however, I could relate to. Beautiful marble and granite come out of quarries here on Earth and most of these Earthly treasures are hidden deep below the surface. Something we cannot see. Yet in Heaven, things that God concealed deep in mines and quarries on Earth, here in Heaven these are exposed. One of my favorite slabs of stone is Azul Aran. It is white with large crystals of blue and bronze. Another is one that I’ve used before; it is also a deep gray bronze with hidden rainbow bursts of multifaceted crystals. As you walk by this one, the rainbows appear and disappear so the stone seem to actually be alive. Yes I know, hard to understand. Well, now here I am. I stand at this pool and the rocks are incredible! My jaw was open. I must have been quiet for 10 earth minutes; tears were streaming down my cheeks. I was squeezing Jesus’ hand.

Jesus: “Erin, do you like this?”

Me: “Lord, it is breathtaking! I could be here all day! I want my friends to see this.” He was smiling and laughing.

Jesus: “Erin, they will very soon and this is just a small portion.”

Me: “God is the most amazing Creator! There is nothing, nothing that can stand close to Him!” Tears were still streaming down my cheeks. “Lord, if people on Earth even just saw this place, even the people of Islam, they would turn, see You and believe! Why not just show them?”

Jesus: “Erin, do you not think that God has called those who are His from the beginning? Look at what you came through. Look at where your heart was. You were not looking for Me or Heaven. Yet, it took years, trials and for you, long suffering to bring you here in this moment so you can share in this place. Most don’t visit here unless pain or trials come. Do you understand this?”

Me: “Some people have come just as You have willed it, without death or pain.”

Jesus: “Yes, this too has occurred but, if I were to bring those who hate Me, to show them this, they will only follow their own version of Me in earthly terms, believing they were on the right track to begin with.”

Me: “You have appeared to these villages and whole villages have converted because of You, Lord!”

Jesus: “Yes, but if I had brought them immediately here, with no communion or relationship with Me, more than likely the enemy would change this to his benefit.”

Me: “Lord, can’t it be more simple? You convert in an instant. Can’t You do this with them and show them this?”

Jesus: “Erin, it took years to get you here!”

Me: “Why didn’t You instantly change me?”

Jesus: “You were changed. When you gave your heart to Me I immediately removed the very thing you desired with your whole heart to turn from and follow me. Then your name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life and here!” He then shows me the palm of His hand microscopically. I saw my name illuminated. It was incredible.

Me: “I do remember this. I had a repulsion for all New Age things. My stomach would get sick if it was around me! I still had an unhealthy material issue and some other things.”

Jesus: “Yes, but you still clung to these and didn’t want to release them yet. This is why the long trials. Your heart was not fully Mine, do you understand?”

Me: “I think so. We can be healed or instantly transformed by the renewing of our minds when we no longer cling to things of this world.”

Jesus: “This is good. You now have more wisdom; you just quoted some of the Word.” He smiled. “When you became saved, your mind and part of your heart became saved but, not all of it. It is unusual for someone to surrender all to Me. If this occurs, then of course everything changes instantly. I have a sense you needed to hear this.”

Me: “I always wondered about this. Why my flesh continues to do things that are contrary to what the Holy Spirit speaks in my heart. Is my constant battle in life because I am unable to fully surrendering my heart to you?”

Jesus: “Yes Erin. Your mouth has surrendered fully and most of your heart, but there is your will and it is a wheel to your body. You and others expect supernatural miracles and transformations, yet the element of surrender is not yet there. When have you considered yourself closest to Me? Remember, it is during your pain and suffering, when you are left with no options of free will. You can still choose to go your own way but, at this point you come fully to me. This is how the miracle began of close communion with me.”

Me: “Lord, some people consider this crazy; my dreams, my communion with You, and my new love for all things You! I cannot speak for all people but, I do know that when the enemy has had a run at me physically, mentally, financially and through family and work that I certainly drop to my knees. You don’t always come the way I expect but You always come! You are faithful. This time with You, I would never trade! I’m sorry that I never surrendered all to You!”

Jesus: He smiled and squeezed my hand. “It is a very human condition. This is why I search hearts, not mouths, tongues, bodies, or minds. In order for a vessel to be filled it must be emptied; all must be surrendered for miracles to begin. Now this is how you can also spot a counterfeit. I can grant the miraculous in anything but there is a certain thing that I look for that must be present. Do you know what this is?”

Me: “Well, since I don’t have all of these gifts all of the time, I have no clue. Is it to be without sin?”

Jesus: “Who is without sin? What human could have miracles then? Erin, it is the ability to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and strength, then it is to love your brother as yourself. False prophets, false messiahs, false witnesses have something in common, a hidden agenda that glorifies themselves or another god contrary to truth. When they begin to use “I” in reference to their demonic abilities.”

Me: “Lord, I talk about myself a lot. I’m guilty of this.”

Jesus: “The dreams are not being created by you or your own abilities. You are not making self-declarations. Just relating personal stories is not what I’m referring to. The enemy is not patient and drawn out; red flags are raised immediately via the Holy Spirit. A counterfeit says what you want to hear and tickles the ears so much, so that when or if the truth is mentioned it is subtle and notably a diversion. At first you note it, then by popularity set it aside. Then the discrepancies glare but pride keeps men from admitting error until an outside source is sent to expose the obvious. This divides churches, and destroys ministries. It is the same as finding out about an affair in a marriage. Same betrayal, same diversion, same pain! Then because of the fallout, people move away from God altogether and blame God.”

Me: “So there are signs with counterfeits?”

Jesus: “There are always warnings, safety measures and exits open. The Holy Spirit and the Heaven’s Armies will not leave you unaware and clueless; this is certainly not the ways of God at all! It is the same illustration for your own children. As a parent you set-up a safe household. When something enters that is unsafe, you give warnings of discernment or have it removed with a gentle rebuke; children learn discernment here to navigate when you are not present. The difference is with you and other children of God is the Gift of Counsel via the Holy Spirit. You have a best friend, parent, and husband inside you, guiding you!” He smiled.

Me: “Lord, thank you for this.”

Jesus: “One last thing on this matter. Someone void of the Holy Spirit uses I, me, myself beyond normal. Humility removes self. A humble heart references Jesus and removes “I’s”. When you become a new Creation, you run after what is good; things of the Holy Spirit; things that honor the Lord. You reference your past errors to testify of God’s grace but always knowing it is by God’s grace that you are here to begin with. You have done nothing on your own, understand? False witnesses speak of themselves 80% of the time and reference God 2% because the other 18% is convincing the crowd why they should believe them.”

Me: “Lord, I could’ve used this a long time ago.” (this lesson)

Jesus: “Erin, you have this ability to discern. The Holy Spirit is a gift; a life line, a cell phone with unlimited minutes directly to Me anytime. I never left any of you alone without reserves, for some will need to hear more clearly soon. False will become more common before My return to confuse.”

Me: “This is already happening.”

Jesus: “Yes, but this is nothing, Erin. Remove technology of the world and people will need to hear for the very first time. They will need to know the Holy Spirit, and discern about counterfeits, wolves. Now, let’s get back to why I have brought you here. Please focus on lovely things. Your goal is here, there will be difficult times but you have not been abandoned to the grave and I would not do this. You can leave me but even I will call you back, right?”

Me: “Yes.” (laughing) “Even to the point of pain and knee bending!”

Jesus: “Yes, let’s not let things get this far along! Stay with Me and I am with you always!”

Me: ”I am, and Lord I did say “I”, the most blessed woman ever!”

Jesus: “Now, let me show you something. Come!” (He takes my hand and brings me to a small sandy area like a little beach next to this small lake or pool. The beach had sand like white sugar, I wanted to put my bare feet in it.) “Erin, go ahead!”

Me: “I always forget You can read my thoughts.” I took off these sandals and put my feet into this sand – like snow in color! I ran it through my fingers. I was looking at the most amazing slice of paradise. It was somewhat tropical looking in the middle of rich farmland with vineyards!

Me: “Lord, this is so beautiful! I’ve never been anywhere like this. I will be here all the time won’t I?” (He was laughing and happy.)

Jesus; “Yes, you will enjoy it here.” (I had tears in my eyes!)

Me: “Lord, this here is more beautiful than any place on Earth. I don’t see strange concepts, just beauty amplified! I can understand this place and know it is Heaven. Can I see more?”

Jesus: (laughing) “What did you think things would look like?”

Me: “Well, from all that I see here, it is very similar to Earth but the very things that are rare and beautiful there are abundant here. Like this; (I point to one of the cliffs near a waterfall.) “I recognize this as a stone that is way below the surface level on Earth, yet here it is jetting out and polished. It’s beautiful. Another thing, pearls. Pearls on Earth are rare, a large pearl impossible to find yet the very Gates that I have entered through before are made of a very large one. There is more “brown” on Earth. Here everything is so lush. There is more green than brown. I see very little brown. I hear people discuss things here who claim to have been here and there are so very strange concepts that don’t sound normal. It sounds scary to me and like an alien planet. It doesn’t seem like You!” He was laughing.

Jesus: “Erin, there are things that you have seen that are difficult for some to understand. This is why many who have come have been instructed to remain silent. This is good.”

Me: “When You come for us though, all will be so happy! Everything will make sense! I love You, Lord for making such a wonderful Home for us! (I was so excited for my friends to discover all of this!)

Jesus: “There are many things that I have not shown you, which are not easy to understand as a visitor because there are no words!” He points immediately to some colors that are not on the spectrum of Earth. I also saw a color like a metallic yet not an alloy, a color. I can’t describe it. The grass, as I look down sometimes has the appearance like fur, it is fine. It’s soft like fur and shimmers. Yet, it is alive and responds to touch. He pointed for me to put my legs in the pool. The water was the perfect temperature!

(End of Part 1)


This is the part of the first chapter of the Book  – The Sparrow’s Dreams – Heaven I series


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Walls – March 3, 2013

Walls – March 3, 2013

Posted on March 4, 2013 at 9:50 PM

Greetings Everyone,

I want to thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me through this special season of dreams and visions. It hasn’t even been six months and I am so humbled by the changes that Jesus has made in me and the impact that these changes have had on others. Sometimes these dreams have blessed others and sadly sometimes it has provoked others in a negative way.

In scriptures, I am reminded that good and bad are a dichotomy here on earth; there is a constant dual between the two. There are so many stories, parables, psalms, proverbs and the very words of Jesus in the Scriptures to support that life here is constantly a struggle.  Like positive and negative ions, good and evil or darkness and light, are constantly at odds here on earth. There can only be one victor and thankfully and we take comfort in knowing the outcome in advance. We know that Jesus will one day, very soon, come for us, His Bride, and carry us Home to Heaven! We also know that He will come and avenge us Soon and make His Presence known to His enemies. He will prevail against enemy in the ultimate battle! Although we have never been told, I believe we are in this season now.

During this time of Dreams and Visions, I have also been given special signs and confirmations during my daily walk that I haven’t shared but are related to the valleys I walk through and are wonderful instructions straight from the Holy Spirit; these often times confirm scriptures that I have been given.

In my desire to seek truth, I ask for answers and I go to Him in Prayer. Jesus is always faithful and grants me conversation that always leads to Truth. When I don’t know, I can only go to Him. I can’t claim knowledge that I haven’t been given and I won’t pretend to know something that I don’t. Pretense leads to mega-trouble, so I find it is best to come clean and admit that I really have no knowledge of things on my own merit. It is only by the leading of the Holy Spirit or Christ in Me, that I have knowledge of anything. He grants me knowledge on my quest for truth. Am I perfect? …oh no…….my children and friends can tell you I’m not. I fully admit that I fear my own “guess work” in depicting these dreams and visions. I have been wrong when I have tried to lead unto my own understanding. When someone seeks “Self” rather than Jesus, knowledge is Dead and truth has no basis so “Self” must rely on the studies from Man not the Lord. Divine Knowledge is much greater than human understanding.

In Proverbs 3:19, “The Lord by wisdom has founded the earth; by understanding He has established the Heavens”

In Proverbs 4:7, “The beginning of wisdom is, Acquire wisdom. And with all you have gotten gain understanding.”

See the Lord Holds the Wisdom and Keys to Knowledge. We must run after that and seek it. We have to search it out.

In Proverbs 25:2, “It takes the Glory of God to conceal a matter and the Honor of Kings to search it out.”

I am not an Earthly king obviously but, I aspire to wear the crown that many of us will receive in Heaven. So, I am willing to run after the Heart of my King Jesus who sits on the Throne in Glory!! Even if I fail at times, I will confess my errors and continue on with my quest to seek His Face! Thereby, I prove myself human, and I don’t pretend to be God.

So my last dream in the Pattern series – Manna, there is an interesting nugget that I believe will help those struggling right now from hearing clearly from the Lord. This was one of the daily bread – ‘manna’ moments that I often get from the Holy Spirit. I seek the Lord in Prayer and I am immediately before Jesus as a child and He instructs me.

I am struggling with the understanding of the “Walls of Sin in my Temple”: This is Jesus speaking to me through the Holy Spirit: (there is also a vision of the neighborhood, house, wall and the enemy.)

Jesus: “Erin, you didn’t earn my love, I loved you first. Through your brokenness, I was able to speak and you could hear Me. Through your growing love and trust for me I could change your heart. My Spirit, the Holy Spirit dwells inside of you. The more you seek me in all things, the more you desire to forgive and love others through my example in the Word, the more I can work through you.”

“Remember the Walls I spoke of. A wall of Sin can separate us. It can hide you from me. That wall of Sin must fall in order for me to work fully in you. Like Jericho and that wall, when you allow me to break down the walls, I can enter into the City and Occupy it by Legal Right!!”

“Look at this another way, somewhat like a parable of the Modern day Bride and Groom. Your body is a temple or house. You have invited me to come to your house as a guest. Not just any guest, you have invited me in as a permanent member into your house. I’m different from a tenant, because I bring you daily bread and wine-manna. I speak tenderly to you, guide and nurture you. I speak truth and bring you joy, peace and happiness. I keep your home clean and we work together much like a marriage, we have a love and binding contract. This is new because you were not born with me inside you but, I first spotted you and I sought to find out more about you. I called you, swooned you and finally you answered the call and invited me into your house. You asked me into your heart like a Bride does to a Groom. You need me and desire me to take care of you as, I can be trusted with your heart and your daily needs.”

“Because the enemy sees the fruits of goodness and light at work in your life; he desires to destroy your house. He comes to rob your house and kill its occupants. He is angry with me and will stop at nothing to hurt you. He is jealous. He wanted you first but, I got you for myself!! So this is what he does. He devises a wicked plan and gathers his minions; demons, other sinners and even Christians, to figure out a way to get inside your temple, to build a wall between us so that he can get you behind that wall and destroy you from within.”

“Look at this example:”

“The enemy is the solicitor that goes door to door in your neighborhood seeing who will let him in. So he knocks door to door. He offers each home owner a beautiful gift. Who wouldn’t want to unwrap a beautiful present, right? So he passes himself off as something delightful, could be familiar from a friend, probably he is very attractive. You being a gracious host or hostess lets him in just for a moment while your “Husband — me” (Jesus) is occupied in your vineyard harvesting your grapes and making new wine–the backyard. The enemy says he is thirsty from his walking and you offer him a drink of water. He makes himself at home. You say, “No please leave, my husband will be home soon.” Then he says, “Oh no worries, let’s go behind this door into this room with thick walls and I can show you this beautiful gift I have for you.”

“Because, you are curious, you allow him into the room. He turns and locks the door for safety from within. The room is dark, you can barely see the present but this gift contains bricks to build a wall – a separation. You are scared at first but you decide this feels pretty good and you decide to stay there for some time. Darkness has gained access. The enemy has entered in. Each gift presented is really a curse and contains another brick in the wall.”

“When, I find out, I drop all of the labor of my hands in the vineyard and I run to my love, which is now behind the door of darkness. I knock and I call out. I can see through the walls at the schemes of the enemy, but I can only enter back in if you hear my knocking and allow me to enter in and save you!!”

“If you are wise, you will turn your ears to hear me and not allow the enemy to tickle them away from me. If you open the door, my light will overcome his darkness and we will drive the enemy far from your home…OUR Home!! Then together, we will work on breaking down this Room or the Walls around your heart, and keep the enemy from entering in again. Your body is our house that we have built together and your heart is a covenant contract with me, this is the Well-spring in our house, something we have worked on together. My treasured possession is your heart. Your body is my temple, the temple of the Holy Spirit, Me who dwells within you!”

“The enemy seeks my Bride – you are my Bride!! I am jealous for YOU and the enemy knows this. This is also a Parable today for the Church!!”

“Erin the same parable is for the Church today!!”

So this wonderful word from the Lord is not a separate dream but a vision and teachable word from Him that is worth sharing with my friends.

Parables can be “micro” about us and our immediate walk, and can be “macro” and applied also to the church and world too.

I think also about the Israelites and how this modern teachable word applies to them now and how much Jesus Longs for Relationship with them. It breaks His heart. So if I can do anything possible to send a message of Love, I will do it, thereby honoring Him, Christ who has done so much for me!!

I pray this blesses you!! Love… Sparrow

(Oh yes, I am not a writer, so please be patient as I navigate writing, this is not easy for me — Thank you for your Grace)

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