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November 21st of 2004, my heart stopped during a routine operation at the hospital. I am allergic to most anesthesia’s and pain medications so I opted to be awake during this procedure. I was talking with the staff, I was in severe pain and the last thing I heard was, “Erin hang in there just a couple more…..….we’re losing her” then_______. During this NDE, the Lord took me to the base of a mountain and told me that I was going to go through one of the darkest seasons in my life – and I did for seven years.


After this first event, for some reason this heart issue began to worsen; sometimes I would pass out not knowing what was happening and wake up in strange positions on the floor or hunched over with my body flopped forward. During these episodes that were “non-registered events”, I would have visits to the Golden City. Doctors had no idea what was going on but, they diagnosed my condition as “Broken Heart Syndrome”. Essentially, when I would feel pain of any kind, emotional or physical, I would hear the sound of a locomotive going from one ear to the next, I would begin to sweat, my heart would slow to a stop….and then I would visit Heaven.

On Good Friday 2008, I died during a meeting at work in front of clients, an architect and my co-workers. In this NDE, A deer took me up some cliffs to show me my sword room in Heaven and an Angel of the Lord told me that I mattered to God. I can barely type this, because it was so vivid and now with everything I have seen of the Heavenly battles I am overwhelmed and so humbled by these swords. Shortly after this “registered event”, I received a diagnosis. I had an unusual heart Arrhythmia and had no choice but to get a pacemaker or risk death.

After these NDE’s –I had others but, because they weren’t “registered events” I have called them visions. During these, I saw Heaven.

When I had surgery, I didn’t have the visits anymore. I went through a desert period where I didn’t hear from the Lord for two years. Then just a year ago, He began to speak again after I petitioned on my knees every day. I reminded Him of the promises He gave me and I wasn’t going to let up on Him until I He granted them. Well, I think I wore Him out…..I remember Him chuckling about this in one of my dreams. He finally began to work supernaturally in my life again!

This is how the Lord grants me these dreams:

When these first started a few months ago, I was hesitant. I would avoid them. This is why in the first few, they were not as detailed. I was not allowing the Holy Spirit to direct the dreams.

This is what I experience when I am granted more of Him:

I have the dream at night. I wake up take communion, pray. When I sit to write the dream in my journal, He gives me an open vision of the dream so clear that I can turn 360 degrees, and then I write as I relive the dream. If I begin to write something different than the Holy Spirit is requesting, the vision goes immediately and I stop writing….going blank. Then I pray, stop, and He begins to download again.

I was told that this is how scripture was given via the Holy Spirit centuries ago. I imagine this is how many others have experienced these events also throughout History.

This is wonderful because I am given a 3-fold check to everything and the detail is so incredible and God inspired!!



3-Holy Spirit Writes or Witnesses.

Me —just a reporter.

I hope this explanation will shed light on the details of the dreams. As I experience these, I actually learn from the Lord as I go, in 3-D –live! The downside of the dreams is, I experience the dark events in 3-D –live! Every few months, I get a registered print-out of my Heart events from my pacemaker. They register like a seismograph. I have about 30 events per day on record. I am curious to see if the events I am experiencing in Heaven are registered in my pacemaker event log….I will keep you posted except I am praying that we will be Home soon and I won’t need to get the event log!!

Love and Blessings………..Sparrow!

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Walls – March 3, 2013

Walls – March 3, 2013

Posted on March 4, 2013 at 9:50 PM

Greetings Everyone,

I want to thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me through this special season of dreams and visions. It hasn’t even been six months and I am so humbled by the changes that Jesus has made in me and the impact that these changes have had on others. Sometimes these dreams have blessed others and sadly sometimes it has provoked others in a negative way.

In scriptures, I am reminded that good and bad are a dichotomy here on earth; there is a constant dual between the two. There are so many stories, parables, psalms, proverbs and the very words of Jesus in the Scriptures to support that life here is constantly a struggle.  Like positive and negative ions, good and evil or darkness and light, are constantly at odds here on earth. There can only be one victor and thankfully and we take comfort in knowing the outcome in advance. We know that Jesus will one day, very soon, come for us, His Bride, and carry us Home to Heaven! We also know that He will come and avenge us Soon and make His Presence known to His enemies. He will prevail against enemy in the ultimate battle! Although we have never been told, I believe we are in this season now.

During this time of Dreams and Visions, I have also been given special signs and confirmations during my daily walk that I haven’t shared but are related to the valleys I walk through and are wonderful instructions straight from the Holy Spirit; these often times confirm scriptures that I have been given.

In my desire to seek truth, I ask for answers and I go to Him in Prayer. Jesus is always faithful and grants me conversation that always leads to Truth. When I don’t know, I can only go to Him. I can’t claim knowledge that I haven’t been given and I won’t pretend to know something that I don’t. Pretense leads to mega-trouble, so I find it is best to come clean and admit that I really have no knowledge of things on my own merit. It is only by the leading of the Holy Spirit or Christ in Me, that I have knowledge of anything. He grants me knowledge on my quest for truth. Am I perfect? …oh no…….my children and friends can tell you I’m not. I fully admit that I fear my own “guess work” in depicting these dreams and visions. I have been wrong when I have tried to lead unto my own understanding. When someone seeks “Self” rather than Jesus, knowledge is Dead and truth has no basis so “Self” must rely on the studies from Man not the Lord. Divine Knowledge is much greater than human understanding.

In Proverbs 3:19, “The Lord by wisdom has founded the earth; by understanding He has established the Heavens”

In Proverbs 4:7, “The beginning of wisdom is, Acquire wisdom. And with all you have gotten gain understanding.”

See the Lord Holds the Wisdom and Keys to Knowledge. We must run after that and seek it. We have to search it out.

In Proverbs 25:2, “It takes the Glory of God to conceal a matter and the Honor of Kings to search it out.”

I am not an Earthly king obviously but, I aspire to wear the crown that many of us will receive in Heaven. So, I am willing to run after the Heart of my King Jesus who sits on the Throne in Glory!! Even if I fail at times, I will confess my errors and continue on with my quest to seek His Face! Thereby, I prove myself human, and I don’t pretend to be God.

So my last dream in the Pattern series – Manna, there is an interesting nugget that I believe will help those struggling right now from hearing clearly from the Lord. This was one of the daily bread – ‘manna’ moments that I often get from the Holy Spirit. I seek the Lord in Prayer and I am immediately before Jesus as a child and He instructs me.

I am struggling with the understanding of the “Walls of Sin in my Temple”: This is Jesus speaking to me through the Holy Spirit: (there is also a vision of the neighborhood, house, wall and the enemy.)

Jesus: “Erin, you didn’t earn my love, I loved you first. Through your brokenness, I was able to speak and you could hear Me. Through your growing love and trust for me I could change your heart. My Spirit, the Holy Spirit dwells inside of you. The more you seek me in all things, the more you desire to forgive and love others through my example in the Word, the more I can work through you.”

“Remember the Walls I spoke of. A wall of Sin can separate us. It can hide you from me. That wall of Sin must fall in order for me to work fully in you. Like Jericho and that wall, when you allow me to break down the walls, I can enter into the City and Occupy it by Legal Right!!”

“Look at this another way, somewhat like a parable of the Modern day Bride and Groom. Your body is a temple or house. You have invited me to come to your house as a guest. Not just any guest, you have invited me in as a permanent member into your house. I’m different from a tenant, because I bring you daily bread and wine-manna. I speak tenderly to you, guide and nurture you. I speak truth and bring you joy, peace and happiness. I keep your home clean and we work together much like a marriage, we have a love and binding contract. This is new because you were not born with me inside you but, I first spotted you and I sought to find out more about you. I called you, swooned you and finally you answered the call and invited me into your house. You asked me into your heart like a Bride does to a Groom. You need me and desire me to take care of you as, I can be trusted with your heart and your daily needs.”

“Because the enemy sees the fruits of goodness and light at work in your life; he desires to destroy your house. He comes to rob your house and kill its occupants. He is angry with me and will stop at nothing to hurt you. He is jealous. He wanted you first but, I got you for myself!! So this is what he does. He devises a wicked plan and gathers his minions; demons, other sinners and even Christians, to figure out a way to get inside your temple, to build a wall between us so that he can get you behind that wall and destroy you from within.”

“Look at this example:”

“The enemy is the solicitor that goes door to door in your neighborhood seeing who will let him in. So he knocks door to door. He offers each home owner a beautiful gift. Who wouldn’t want to unwrap a beautiful present, right? So he passes himself off as something delightful, could be familiar from a friend, probably he is very attractive. You being a gracious host or hostess lets him in just for a moment while your “Husband — me” (Jesus) is occupied in your vineyard harvesting your grapes and making new wine–the backyard. The enemy says he is thirsty from his walking and you offer him a drink of water. He makes himself at home. You say, “No please leave, my husband will be home soon.” Then he says, “Oh no worries, let’s go behind this door into this room with thick walls and I can show you this beautiful gift I have for you.”

“Because, you are curious, you allow him into the room. He turns and locks the door for safety from within. The room is dark, you can barely see the present but this gift contains bricks to build a wall – a separation. You are scared at first but you decide this feels pretty good and you decide to stay there for some time. Darkness has gained access. The enemy has entered in. Each gift presented is really a curse and contains another brick in the wall.”

“When, I find out, I drop all of the labor of my hands in the vineyard and I run to my love, which is now behind the door of darkness. I knock and I call out. I can see through the walls at the schemes of the enemy, but I can only enter back in if you hear my knocking and allow me to enter in and save you!!”

“If you are wise, you will turn your ears to hear me and not allow the enemy to tickle them away from me. If you open the door, my light will overcome his darkness and we will drive the enemy far from your home…OUR Home!! Then together, we will work on breaking down this Room or the Walls around your heart, and keep the enemy from entering in again. Your body is our house that we have built together and your heart is a covenant contract with me, this is the Well-spring in our house, something we have worked on together. My treasured possession is your heart. Your body is my temple, the temple of the Holy Spirit, Me who dwells within you!”

“The enemy seeks my Bride – you are my Bride!! I am jealous for YOU and the enemy knows this. This is also a Parable today for the Church!!”

“Erin the same parable is for the Church today!!”

So this wonderful word from the Lord is not a separate dream but a vision and teachable word from Him that is worth sharing with my friends.

Parables can be “micro” about us and our immediate walk, and can be “macro” and applied also to the church and world too.

I think also about the Israelites and how this modern teachable word applies to them now and how much Jesus Longs for Relationship with them. It breaks His heart. So if I can do anything possible to send a message of Love, I will do it, thereby honoring Him, Christ who has done so much for me!!

I pray this blesses you!! Love… Sparrowcloud9

(Oh yes, I am not a writer, so please be patient as I navigate writing, this is not easy for me — Thank you for your Grace)

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